Grand Gourmet

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Something for everyone! Gussied up for any occasion with silks and a beautiful hand-tied bow, this exquisite gift basket is filled to abundance with the very best, award-winning gourmet foods...Smoked Gouda, Crackers, Summer Sausage, Earth and Vine Gourmet Mustard, Kasilof Smoked Salmon Pate, Select Chocolates and Chocolate Truffles, Dipping Pretzels, Dried Fruit, Deluxe Nuts, Rich Caramel Corn, and more.

The Grand Gourmet

As shown $350.00. Available from $100. Smaller versions have less items; larger versions have more items. For shipping purposes, versions $250 and up come in a closed wicker hamper with beautiful wire ribbon and embellishments.

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